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Turnkey Project Management

IstanbulGes is with you in all your project processes with its experience and knowledge gained from its projects.


Field visits are conducted by engineers. Necessary information is gathered, drone footage is taken, and the locations for transformers and panels are determined. Relevant engineers measure the static dimensions of the building and necessary reports are created based on the results.
Field visits are conducted by engineering teams. Measurements are taken for the ground survey report. Measurement reports consider factors such as the slope, structure, and orientation of the site to facilitate the work.


Design Roof: Based on the information obtained during the discovery phase, the placement plans for the solar power plant are drawn using international simulation systems. In this planning process, factors such as chimneys, incline, shading, wind, snow load, humidity, and temperature are determined to achieve optimal performance and power output.
Based on the information obtained after the discovery phase, layout plans are created using AutoCAD and simulation systems. This planning process considers factors such as slope, angle, orientation, snow load, humidity, and temperature to achieve optimal performance and power output.

Feasibility and Proposal

A consumption-production analysis is conducted based on the information obtained during the site discovery and the values obtained from the layout plans. This detailed analysis results in a report that includes the investment payback period, investment amount, benefits provided (accompanied by graphs), as well as a proposal report that includes the list of materials to be used and warranty periods.

Agreement and Contract

If the feasibility and proposal reports are approved by the investor company, the contract stage is initiated. The contract includes work plans, products to be used, delivery times, and payment schedules, and it is mutually signed.
Hand holding pen writing paperwork business document financial investment or signature contract job and insurance on desk.


An application letter is submitted to the distribution company to which the consumption facility is connected. The distribution company evaluates the applications in two stages: preliminary assessment and technical evaluation. The evaluation process takes a total of two months, and if approved, the call letter is obtained. After receiving the call letter, an application for connection agreement is made within 180 days. After the connection agreement is made, the approval and acceptance by TEDAS (Turkish Electricity Distribution Company) take place

Procurement and Installation

The most suitable products are determined based on all technical work and permits, and the agreed-upon products are procured with the investor company. Our professional team carries out the installation as planned.
Two technicians working with electrical screwdriver connecting shiny solar photo voltaic panel to metal platform system on green tree thick foliage background. Green energy production concept.

Temporary Acceptance and Final Acceptance

Temporary Acceptance:
It is the preliminary assessment carried out by authorized personnel from the electricity distribution company or TEDAS before commissioning the completed solar power plant.
Final Acceptance:
After the preliminary assessment of the solar power plant is conducted, the project is approved by the electricity distribution company or TEDAS.

Operation and Maintenance Services

At IstanbulGES, we provide free maintenance and repair services for two years. During this period, remote monitoring, periodic maintenance, and visits to the plant are carried out by our teams every six months. In case of any equipment failure, replacement with a new product is provided as soon as possible.

Solar Energy for Sustainability

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